Silky Therapeutic Socks


This sock is perhaps the softest sock we offer.  It feels almost like silk as it glides over your foot.  It is considered a medium weight sock, but easily fits into your sneaker and will keep you warmer than your average sock for sure.  Our silky therapeutic socks have been designed for people with cold feet and/or poor circulation.  They have a non-binding cuff and a practically invisible toe seam which provide relief while the alpaca naturally keeps you warm and dry.  This sock is perfect for diabetics and those of us who want a wonderfully soft and subtle warm sock.

This unisex sock comes in four sizes:

Small - Women's 5-8,     Men's 4-7

Medium - Women's 8-10,     Men's 7-9

Large - Women's 10-12,     Men's 9-11

Extra Large - Men's 11-14

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