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Ideuma Creek Alpacas

John and I have been raising alpacas for nearly 20 years.  It was my childhood dream to live on a farm, but I knew I couldn't raise animals that would eventually be killed for meat.  When we first discovered alpacas in 1998, we knew that we had found the perfect animal for us to raise, nurture and love.

We knew right from the beginning of our experience that we wanted to raise alpacas with the finest fiber and alpacas that would retain this fineness throughout their lives.  We focused our breeding program on exceptional fleece and have won fleece awards all over the country.  In fact, we received a third place ribbon in a world fleece show in white, the most difficult class to ribbon in.  Here we competed with alpacas from Australia, Germany and even Peru.  Our alpacas have countless blue ribbons and championships and have also garnered the accolades of several highly sought after fleece awards where a single fleece is chosen from all of the fleeces in a show, often many hundred fleeces.  We have many times received "Best Crimp", "Best Brightness", "Best Handle" and "Judge's Choice", the award given to the very best overall fleece in the entire show.  We are proud of the fleeces that our alpacas produce, and we love giving our alpacas the very best care and all the love and attention they deserve.

We have close to 100 alpacas on our 140 acre upstate NY farm.  We produce nearly 1,000 pounds of fleece a year and we process and use every ounce of it!  We sort and skirt and sometimes wash our own fleeces before sending them out to be processed.  We trust American fiber mills to produce the finest quality yarn from our harvest and are proud to offer this yarn for sale.  We employ a few select local fiber artists to create one-of-a-kind garments from this yarn.  We also belong to several alpaca cooperatives where we can send our fleece to have products made. 

John, my Mom and I travel across the Eastern part of the United States doing craft shows and festivals throughout the fall and early winter selling alpaca garments and gifts.  We also grow and sell organic garlic grown in our alpaca compost at these festivals.  About a decade ago our following had grown to the point where we felt we should open an on-line store.  We opened this store as part of our farm website - www.icalpacas.com - and now have grown to this separate on-line store - www.ilovealpacasocks.com

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the products that you purchase from us.  If for some reason you are not, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will refund your purchase if you are not fully pleased.  This very, very rarely happens.  John and I vet all of the products that we sell before offering them for sale.  If you open up my sock drawer, you will be hard pressed to find anything but alpaca socks in there!  We believe in and stand behind the quality of all of the alpaca products that we offer.

If you would like to read more about our farm and our animals, please visit our blog on this website or visit our farm website at www.icalpacas.com  We thank you for your interest in us, our alpacas, and our farm.  We appreciate your support for small farms and local businesses. 

Ideuma Creek Alpacas
John & Denise Jacobus 
321 Ideuma Road / Unadilla, NY / 13849
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