Knee-High Lightweight Alpaca Socks

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I am in love with these socks.  Made from 70% baby alpaca, they are irresistibly soft and warm.  They are a sheer dress sock that hugs your ankle and leg all the way up to the knee.  They never fall down and would be perfect for those of you looking for a light weight sock for under boots.  I wore them (even to bed) during that cold stretch where it was -20 below and although the rest of me was cold even under the blankets, my feet and legs - from the knee down - were warm as can be!  I also wear them as an under-sock on really cold days doing chores.  I wear them with a pair of heavier alpaca socks and my barn boots, and my feet and legs are the warmest thing on me!   Make no mistake; these socks are classy and sleek; they can be worn with dressy pants or even a longer skirt, but what I love most about them is the way they make my legs and feet feel when it's cold outside.

Small - Women's  5-8,   Men's 4-7

Medium - Women's 5-8,     Men's 7-9

Large  -  Women's 10-12,     Men's  9-11

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