High Calf Boot Socks

ilove alpacasocks .com

Made right here in the good ol' USA, what separates these socks the most from the others  is their length and their ability to stay up.  These socks come way up the calf - perfect for hunting or barn boots.  They are made with 78% Alpaca, 20% nylon and 2% Lycra so they are toasty warm, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic, Lanolin free and naturally odor resistant.  They have a band across the foot and then two others - one just above the ankle and one at the top near the knee to keep them comfortably in place.  These socks won't slide down.  They have a terry loop design so they are extra warm and comfy.  Three sizes - Medium for sizes 7-9, Large for sizes 10-13 and XL for sizes 13-15.

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