LW Argyle Dress Socks


These socks may seem traditional because of the classic design, but they are no ordinary argyle sock.  Because they are alpaca, they will cradle your foot in comfort all day long.  They are naturally odor resistant, will wick away moisture and give you that cozy softness that only alpaca can provide.  This sock is made from 38% baby alpaca, 37% acrylic, and 25% nylon so they can be cared for just as your ordinary socks.  They are guaranteed, however, not to feel like your ordinary socks.  Because of their softness and comfort level, they will be the first socks you choose from your sock drawer when every pair you own is clean.  Designed for a professional look with comfort in mind.  Available in two colors - black and brown.

These socks are available in 3 unisex sizes:

Medium - Women's 8-10     Men's 7-9

Large - Women's 10-12     Men's 9-11

Extra Large - Men's 11-14

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