Welcome to Ideuma Creek, JP!

Denise Jacobus

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I'm behind on my naming of the cria! This little guy was born on June 26, almost three weeks early. He is quite tiny so I kept him in a separate pen with his mama for several days longer than usual. He's fine now. Happy, healthy and tearing up the pasture with the other little ones. It's time to give him a name, JP, short for J-Pack. You see there is a small bunch of girls whom I have the pleasure of eating lunch with every day since they were in 8th grade. They will be seniors this next year. Collectively we refer to them as "The J-Pack". I'm not sure they know how in awe I am at how strong they are. Sometimes they are dealing with the daily pressures of simply being an almost adult and sometimes they are battling issues no one should ever have to deal with. They always push through it and make sure they're focused on their school work and their futures. I'm naming this little cria for you ladies. I can only hope he has the strength and stamina that you have shown these past four years. I love you all more than you know!