Midnight Confessions - The First Black Cria of the Season!

Denise Jacobus

Tags Farm News

Introducing Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Midnight Confessions born on July 9th. For those of you following my 50 year cria naming present threads. . . follow carefully to get the obscure connection to my life! First of all, he is named after the song, "Midnight Confessions". But who knew a band called, "The Grass Roots" made the song popular in 1968? As far as I was concerned it was a "Secrets" original. You see when I was 17 I spent my first summer of five in Wildwood, NJ, as a waitress. One of my jobs was as a cocktail waitress at Club Casba where the band, The Secrets, played every single night. This was one of the songs I loved hearing. The connection to my life is this. Two jobs. I have always worked hard, loved working hard and appreciated everything I have (including very limited "free" time!) a little bit more because of it. I started working two jobs in college. I was an office assistant by day, and a full time waitress by night (oh yeah, I squeezed in being a full time college student in there too). When I graduated from college and got my first teaching job, I actually had to take a cut in pay from waitressing full time! Since I would have an additional bill - college loan payments - I continued waiting tables part time while I taught full time. I did this for over 10 years. I stopped waiting tables as my second job when I was hired as an adjunct professor to teach Comp 100 at Delhi Tech. I stopped doing this when I bought my first alpacas nearly 20 years ago. Now I continue to teach full time and run my full time farm with 80 alpacas. This little guy's name celebrates the work ethic my parents instilled on me (my father always had two jobs as well) and my appreciation to them for doing so. The idea for this name came to me because this little guy was born sometime in the dead of the night. For those of you reading this that aren't alpaca people, this is highly unusual. When I went out to do chores at 4:30am, this little guy was already up, dry, and nursing. I thought to myself, "I bet he was born around midnight" . . .and thus the thinking began and the name evolved. Another Shooting Star Peruvian Grey Matter cria, Midnight Confessions has caused much excitement here at Ideuma Creek!