Meet Saint Francis!

Denise Jacobus

Tags Farm News

The gift of names continues. I've decided to call this little boy, Francis. If you ask my students my two favorite things in this world, they would likely tell you books / reading and chocolate (not necessarily in that order!) The truth is my two favorite things in this world are animals and gardens. My world seems to revolve around them. Although I am not religious, I know Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint for both gardens and animals. If the truth is told, I've whispered more than a few prayers to him over the years asking for help with all sorts of animals in need. I actually also remember giving ol' St. Francis a quick shout when there was a terrible hail storm and I was afraid for my garlic crop. To me the name Francis is synonymous with hope. It seems to be a very fitting name for this little grey boy who looks just like his father. Francis, welcome to Ideuma Creek. Sorry it took so long to name you!