Meet Fairy Tale - Born July 21, 2016

Denise Jacobus

Tags Farm News
Here's the newest named cria for you all to meet - Ideuma Creek's Perucoyo Fairy Tale born on July 21. This name resonates with me for two very specific reasons that both stem from my childhood. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to live on a farm. It is the first goal that I ever remember having. When we would play with dolls when I was very young, my friends' dolls were all married to movie stars and lived in castles. My doll was a veterinarian and had her own farm. After being incredibly unsuccessful dissecting a frog in biology in 10th grade, I realized I would have to find another career, but that dream of living on a farm never left me. For this reason at my milestone 50th birthday, I feel incredibly fortunate to be living out my own fairy tale that I dreamed since I was a child. The second reason for Fairy Tale's name has to do with one of my favorite people in the entire world. Growing up we had best friends who came to live with their Omi who lived across the street from us for the summer. Some afternoons we would take naps together at their house and as we got older, some nights we would have sleepovers there. I have wonderful memories of their father singing Frank Sinatra's song, "Young at Heart" to us each time he tucked us in. It starts off, "Fairy tales can come true, it can happen it you, if you're young at heart." I have tried to take heed of this wise advise from a man who hasn't been with us for more than 3 decades now. I will never forget his kindness or his gentle nature. Fairy Tale is named after a wonderful man and a dream come true. Accoyo Applause X Shooting Star's Peruvian Grey Matter.