First Cria of 2016 - Meet Accoyo Amor

Denise Jacobus

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So I'm not sure what most women ask for as a gift for their 50th birthday. I'm thinking parties, jewelry, maybe a trip . . .I asked for a new beehive, a commercial strength weed wacker and exclusive rights to naming all of this year's cria. My thought was to name each and every one after something significant that has happened to me in my half of a century of life. Please meet Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Amor, our first cria of the season, born on Father's Day. Although we breed for July and August babies, we have had 3 cria born on Father's Day since my Dad's passing 7 years ago. I like to think he knows I'm especially sad on this day missing him so he gives me a joyful distraction. I picked the name Amor because I truly have felt loved every single day of my life. I have the most loving and giving parents one could hope for and a sister who I know would do anything and everything for me. Since childhood there has been love every day of my life. Now I have a fantastic husband, wonderful friends & colleagues and incredible students who shower me with love and make me feel special each and every day. I wanted to name this first little girl to thank all those who have given me 50 years of love. Please know how much it means to me.