Summer Day 2 - 2 More Cria Arrive!

Denise Jacobus

Summer - Day 1 - 1 Cria Born
Summer - Day 2 - 2 Cria Born
I have to tell you, I'm a little frightened to tackle Summer - Day 3! First birth is a great story as the dam wasn't bred. No kidding. I never recorded a single breeding I tried with her all summer because she never stayed down long enough to take. . .or so I thought! She even had an ultrasound to make sure that nothing was wrong, and she was open . . .or so we thought! The funny thing is Rose, the mom, sneaked into the pen with the pregnant girls last night when I was feeding grain (the pregnant girls get more grain, more often). I was a little angry at her as I thought she was fat enough. She escaped right into the nursery and surprised the heck out of me this morning at 5:00am when she had a little foot sticking out. Cria #1 - rose grey boy. Dam is Rose and Sire is TBD. Cria #2 is a gorgeous Accoyo girl out of Avery and Cadence. She was born just before noon and has some of the brightest, densest and crimpiest fleece around. That's all for now. I have to get some sleep. I've got a big day tomorrow - Summer Day 3 - I'm ready for ya'!