Winter Violet Glittens

ilove alpacasocks .com

Bring a little bit of spring to the dreariest of days with these Winter Violet Glittens.  Each pair is hand embroidered and is fleece lined.  Designed to last long, they are a 50/50 blend of alpaca enhanced with microfiber to add strength and durability to this delicate looking glitten.  These are crazy soft and lightweight, but the combination of alpaca and polar fleece lining will protect you from the chilliest of days.  These glittens are actually dual purpose.  They can be warm, snug mittens, but the minute you need those fingers for something, with the securing of a button, they become warm fingerless gloves that you can text, type or do anything that you need the dexterity of your fingers for.  One size fits most.

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