Valentine's Day Package - I Dare You to Get Cold!

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Do you love someone who always is outside?  A Hunter?  A Skier?  Someone who works outside all day?  If you do, show them you love them by keeping their feet (and legs!) super warm and cozy all day long!  This package contains the layering concept to keep feet and lower legs warm during all seasons!  First there is the black knee-high dress sock.  Don't let the name "dress" fool you.  It's a lightweight silky sock that is made with 70% baby alpaca.  This means it's crazy soft and crazy warm, and it's knee high so the protection and softness doesn't stop at your feet.  Your calves and all the way up to your knee enjoy the same wonderful comfort.  Wear this sock by itself when it is spring or early fall. 

When it really starts getting extremely cold, you can wear this sock as an "undersock" to a thick, heavier sock for layers of warmth!  The sock we're providing in this package is our knee high XL brown/fawn terry hiker.  Like the knee-high dress sock, this terry hiker comes up to your knees.  It is an incredible sock on its own, but layered with the undersock, well, I dare you to get cold!  :) 


In addition to these two socks, this special Valentine's Day Package includes a pair of the most re-ordered item we carry - our boot inserts.  These boot inserts line the bottom of your boots with a thin, but very effective layer of 100% alpaca which adds cushion and warmth to each step you take. 


On the coldest days of the year - wear all three.  Then as the weather changes, you have everything you need to mix and match for keeping your toes, feet and lower legs warm and toasty in soft, luxurious alpaca.

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