Spanish Roja

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Spanish Roja

JUST A FEW BAGS LEFT!  Spanish Roja is said to be the best known and best loved hardneck garlic in America today.  Most garlic lovers find the flavor to be "true garlic".  It has a strong flavor, hot and spicy that sticks around for a long time.  It has an especially rich taste.  

Spanish Roja is also the favorite garlic of Ron Engeland, garlic guru and author of Growing Great Garlic.  It peels easily and stores up to 4-6 months.  It is a Rocambole variety that is a strong grower in our upstate NY climate, zone 4-5.

All of our garlic is naturally grown.  We use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers.  Our soil is fertilized with alpaca compost every year.  Our weed killer is me.  I hand weed all of the garlic several times a year.  We also use hay as mulch to retain water and keep weeds down.  

 Our garlic is as natural as it comes.  We hand plant each clove.  We hand pick weeds.  We "pop" the scapes off by hand.  We harvest by hand.  John meticulously dries and cleans each clove individually. . . you guessed it . . .by hand!  No use of any chemicals and even very little use of any machinery make our garlic good not only for you, but for the environment as well!

You will find our garlic to be some of the cleanest around.  We sell our garlic in half pound mesh bags with the names of the garlic clearly identified.  We have many repeat customers because our garlic is big, clean and stores and plants well.  

BUY 5 GET ONE FREE SPECIAL - buy any 5 half pound bags of garlic, and get a half pound bag of Asian Tempest FREE!  Combine with any other Garlic varieties.  

FREE SHIPPING - please look around our alpaca store as well.  We offer Free Shipping with every $60+ order.  So buy some garlic, get some holiday shopping started and heck, throw in a pair of warm and comfy alpaca socks for yourself!  

Especially because nearly every show and festival we usually attend has been cancelled, please know how very much we appreciate your support of our small farm during these difficult times.  Thank you!