Santa Hat Alpaca Socks

ilove alpacasocks .com


So what's more fun than socks made from alpaca with alpacas on them?  The answer - socks made from alpaca with alpacas in Santa hats on them!  These socks are simply adorable.  Basic black socks with white alpacas clad in bright red Santa hats, these socks also feature a snowfall and Christmas tree decorated with snow.  Made from 70% Baby  Alpaca, 25% Spandex and 5% Nylon, these socks are as soft and warm as they are cute!  A must have holiday sock for those who love alpacas!


Small - Woman's 5-8,  Men's 4-7

Medium - Woman's 8-10,   Men's 7-9

Large - Woman's 10-12,   Men's 9-11

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