Flower Power Extra Long Fingerless Gloves


If you're anything like I am, sometimes there is a gap between your jacket or sweater and your gloves.  This leaves your wrists and lower arms vulnerable to the cold winter winds.  The solutions - these extra long gloves!  If stretched they come half way up your arm.  If scrunched they form an impermeable barrier between your wrists and arms and the old north wind.  There is a separate opening for the thumb on these gloves and a single opening for all of your fingers so they are perfect for texting.  They are also lined with a warm and soft polar fleece to add another layer of warmth and comfort to these 100% rugged alpaca gloves.  And they're not only practical, they're pretty!  Adorned with hand embroidered flowers, these gloves are fashionable as well as functional!  One size fits all.  Available in two colors - shades of blue and shades of grey.

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