MW First Choice Socks


These Medium Weight socks are named because they are the first socks I chose out of my drawer (filled with almost nothing but alpaca socks by the way).  They never stay in my drawer for very long.  They are a medium weight sock with that crazy comfortable terry-loop inside that just cradles your foot in all day comfort.  They are stretchy and provide just the right amount of elasticity to keep the socks up without being too tight around your leg. The alpaca pronking on the top of the sock is a unmistakable bonus.  50% alpaca is blended with 35% acrylic, 12% nylon and 3% spandex to make these cozy-warm, strong, durable and stretchy.  They are machine washable in cold water.   I wear these to school every day I can in the spring, winter and fall.  They are my first choice!  Available in black, dark fawn and silver.

These unisex socks come in 4 sizes:

Small - Women's 5-7

Medium - Women's 7.5-9,   Men's 7-8.5

Large - Women's 9.5-10.5,   Men's 9-11.5

Extra Large - Men's 12-14

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