LW Star Socks - by HdF

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$15.00 $20.00

Show your patriotism with these bold star patterned socks.  They are softer than you can imagine as they are made with 75% Baby Alpaca and enhanced with 15% silk and 10% Lycra for that stretch that is so important in socks.  Baby Alpaca is a rather misleading label.  It does not mean the fleece/yarn comes from a baby alpaca; rather it denotes a grade of alpaca.  And "Baby Alpaca" is oh, so fine.  In fact it is so fine, that sometimes "Baby Alpaca" is referred to as "superfine" alpaca!  Your feet will appreciate the softness and the luxurious feel of these socks designed by NY company, Herde de Ferme.

They are available in one unisex size which fits a medium to large foot - women's 8-12 and man's 7-11.  They are made in three color combinations - black, grey, and navy and are available in a limited supply.

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