Brushed Alpaca Scarf - Carnival

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Brushed Alpaca Scarf - Carnival
Just like its name suggests, this winter accessory captures the spirit of the liveliest and most fun carnivals to hit your town.  You go wild with the rides, go crazy with the food then you just sit back and marvel in beautiful sight - majestic bright lights and funky decor.  Wear the experience with a Carnival alpaca scarf.  A fun stripe of vibrant colors, the scarf will give you a dose of cheer even on the gloomiest of winter days.  Every trip to the carnival isn't complete without a prize to bring home.  What you'll be winning is the amazing experience of being wrapped up in the incredibly soft and warm alpaca.  11 X 78 inches.  80% Alpaca, 20% Acrylic.

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