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Woven Whisper Scarf - by HdF

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All alpaca is not created equal.  If you are familiar with alpaca at all, you've noticed that some garments that are 100% alpaca seem a bit coarse and scratchy while others seem wonderfully smooth and silky soft.  The difference is that there are 6 grades of alpaca based on the fineness of the individual fibers measured in microns.  The lower the micron, the finer and softer the alpaca fleece.  This scarf is made from 100% ROYAL BABY ALPACA, in other words, grade 1.  This is the finest, softest, best fleece attainable.  

All scarves are also not created equal.  This whisper unisex scarf received its name from its fineness and whisper weight.  It can be worn year-round as a scarf or if opened up as a super light weight shawl.  It is hand-loomed with knotted self fringe and is available in solid ivory, black, navy, striped colors and a plaid pattern.  

Designed by NY design team, HdF, this Whisper Scarf is unique and an incredible bargain at this price.  They are available in very limited quantities.

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